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Skaters // The Great Escape

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And the puzzle will last until somebody will say
“There’s a lot to be done while your head is still young”
If you put down your pen, leave your worries behind
Then the moment will come, and the memory will shine

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I take one, one, one ‘cause you left me

And two, two, two for my family

And three, three, three for my heartache

And four, four, four for my headaches

And five, five, five for my lonely

And six, six, six for my sorrow

And seven, seven for no tomorrow

And eight, eight, I forget what eight was for

But nine, nine, nine for the lost gods

Ten, ten, ten, ten for everything, everything, everything


Borrowing Pete Conrad’s camera, Apollo 12 astronaut Al Bean photographs the surface of the Moon, November 1969.

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